1.4. The Software

1.4.1. The Customer purchases a right to use the Software as it is made available online by Visma, or installed on the Customer’s computers or computers controlled by the Customer. (Software installed on the Customer’s computers may, however, contain online components and embedded online Software.) Upon purchasing a right of use, the Customer is granted access to and a right to use the Software as set forth in this TOS (please see 2. Right of Use).

1.4.2. Visma will provide operational support free of charge, such as for login- or account problems or errors in the Software. Additional support, such as user training, may be purchased separately from Visma or a Partner.

1.4.3. The Software is provided on an “as is” basis as standard software. The Software is not contingent on or tied to any particular version or functionality at any particular point in time, nor any publications, materials or comments made by or on behalf of Visma. The Customer may access and Use online Software as it is provided at any given time. Where the Software is installed on the Customer’s computers, the Customer is responsible for using a supported version of the Software- please see 4.3.1.

1.4.4. Visma reserves the right to make improvements, add, change or remove functionality, or correct any errors or omissions in any part of the Software at its sole discretion and without any obligation or liability accruing therefrom. In the unlikely event such a modification disables or removes functionality which forms a material part of the Software permanently, or for a period of more than 2 months, the Customer is entitled to terminate its subscription for the affected Software, and to receive a pro-rated refund for any Fees paid in advance for the affected Software.

1.4.5. Visma reserves the right to discontinue any Software, or its availability in a particular market, on 12 months prior notice. The Customer shall be entitled to a pro-rated refund for any Fees paid in advance for the period after the date of discontinuation for the relevant Software, shall cease using the Software after the date of discontinuation for the relevant Software, and shall not be entitled to make any further claims against Visma.

1.4.6. Certain Software may be subject to additional terms or restrictions (such as limitation on storage space, number of transactions or vouchers) or require registration on websites (for example for the use of a payment service). This is specified in the Order Confirmation or within the Software.

Payment- and reporting services

1.4.7. The Customer hereby authorises Visma to, on its behalf and instruction, place and authenticate invoices, payments, governmental reports (e.g. SAF-T) and similar activities or information, such as bank statements, made by or sent to the Customer using the Software, between the Customer’s banks, authorities, and other business-to-business and business-to-consumer relations. Certain Software, such as Visma AutoPay, will assign API Credentials to the Customer, which is used to access, identify and authorise the Customer’s account and Use of the Software to the API.

1.4.8. The Customer is responsible for notifying its banks or other parties of the above authorisation if necessary, and for any charges incurred from the Customer’s banks or such parties when using the Software. In the event Visma is invoiced for any such charges in connection with providing the Software, Visma will invoice the Customer for said charges. 

1.4.9. In order to provide payment-services and functionality, Visma uses certain invoice networks, including third party networks, such as the PEPPOL infrastructure, bank- and mobile payment suppliers and other document networks, as well as third parties for processing invoices and documents, for example for scanning paper invoices. (For an at all times up to date list of such third parties, please see https://www.visma.com/trust-centre/product-search/.) The Customer hereby authorises Visma to exchange the Customer’s payment profile information, invoices and related business documents with such networks and providers as necessary to provide the Software.

1.4.10. If the Customer does not wish to be registered in the address registers of such networks, the Customer should notify Visma. (Reservation may result in the Customer not being able to use the Software in whole or in part.)