4.2. Intellectual Property Rights

4.2.1. Visma (or its licensors where applicable) is the sole owner of the Software and related intellectual property rights (IPR) in and to the Software, including but not limited to source code, binary code, compilation of data, databases and designs, whether registered or not, all documentation, specification and associated materials, and any IPR that arise out of or in connection with Visma’s processing of Usage Data. The Software and IPR are protected by copyright and other laws and treaties. Trademarks, product names, company names or logos mentioned in the Software or in connection with the Software are the property of their respective owners.

4.2.2. Where software or other IPR from a third party is provided by Visma as part of or in connection with the Software (“Third Party Components”), such software or IPR is covered by the TOS unless separate terms are supplied by Visma. If there is conflict between the licensing terms of a Third Party Component and the TOS, the licensing terms of the Third Party Component shall prevail for the Third Party Component. If the Third Party Component is open source, then under no circumstance shall the Software- except for the Third Party Component- be deemed to be open source or publicly available software. Where a Third Party Component require that Visma provide the terms of license and/ or source code for a Third Party Component, this available from the “About box” in the Software or Software Documentation.

4.2.3. In the event of infringement of IPR, Visma or its licensors may take all reasonable steps to protect its proprietary and commercial interests, including any remedy available by law.

4.2.4. The Customer (or its Clients, as applicable) is the sole owner of the Customer Data, including any IPR in and to the Customer Data, and/ or any Integrated Applications c.f. 2.3.