4.6. Termination

4.6.1. Termination by the Customer: The Customer may terminate the customer relationship or individual Software (including Users and Modules) for convenience and at any time according to the terms specified in the Order Confirmation. Terms may vary from Software to Software.

4.6.2. Termination by Visma: If a breach of any of the Customer’s obligations under the TOS is confirmed by Visma, or suspected by Visma on reasonable grounds, or the Customer enters into bankruptcy or insolvency, Visma may suspend the Customer’s access to the Software or restrict the Customer’s access to read-only, until the matter is resolved. Visma shall give 30 days prior notification of any suspension or restriction of access, and give the Customer reasonable time to respond before suspending or restricting access. If the situation is not resolved within a reasonable amount of time, Visma reserves the right to terminate Customer’s right of use for the Software, thereby terminating the customer relationship. Visma may, at its sole discretion, choose to terminate the Customer’s right of use for the Software with immediate effect if the Customer is in material breach of the TOS or in violation of 2.3 API and Development Accounts, thereby terminating the customer relationship.

4.6.3. Data deletion: Upon termination, or Visma’s legal basis for Processing the Data expires, for whatever reason, Visma will delete the Customer Data from its systems, unless mandatory provisions of law require the Visma continue to store the Data. In such an event, Visma shall continue to maintain the security of the data as set out in the TOS. The time to delete the data may vary from Software to Software. After deleting the Customer Data, Visma shall have no further obligations towards the Customer with regards to the Customer Data.

4.6.4. Data return: The Customer may request the return of the Customer Data no later than 30 days after termination. If more than 30 days have passed, the data may have been irrecoverably deleted. Visma shall return the Customer Data in a format, time and method of delivery determined by Visma. The format, time and method of data return may vary from Software to Software: please contact Visma (or your Partner) in good time before terminating in order to plan and perform the return of the data. Visma reserves the right charge its standard rates for data return. Certain Software may have functionality for data export by the Customer.