4.3. Warranty

4.3.1. Visma shall use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the Software will perform substantially as described in the Software Documentation during the Subscription Period, provided it is properly configured (including the Customer’s choice of browser) and updated to a supported version. Supported versions may differ from Software to Software, and is available from the Software Documentation. The Customer and Visma agree that the Software and delivery thereof will not be completely free of errors and that improving the Software is a continuous process.

4.3.2. Visma does not warrant that the Software will meet the Customer’s requirements, operate correctly with the Customer’s choice of equipment, systems or settings, setup, configuration, modifications, customisations, plugins or integrations not performed or controlled by Visma, or if delivered over the internet, be uninterrupted. Visma is not responsible for the internet, internet service providers nor the customer’s internet connection.

4.3.3. If the Software does not function in accordance with the limited warranty specified in this section 4.3, Visma shall correct confirmed errors or defects in the Software at its own expense. “Confirmed errors or defects” means errors or defects that are reproducible by Visma and/ or confirmed through Visma’s support channels, and which occur during the Subscription Period. Visma may choose to replace the Software or functionality instead of performing a correction.

4.3.4. If the confirmed error or defect is of a material nature, meaning that the Customer’s ability to use the Software is significantly reduced, and Visma does not correct confirmed errors or defects or replace the Software within a reasonable period of time c.f. 4.3.3, the Customer may terminate the right of use for the affected Software. In such a case, the Customer has the right to a pro-rated refund for any Fees for the remaining Subscription Period for the affected Software, starting from the month following verification by Visma of the errors or defects.

4.3.5. Except as expressly set forth herein, the Customer shall not be entitled to make any claims against Visma.

4.3.6. Except as expressly set forth herein, neither Visma nor its licensors offer any warranty, express or implied, including without limitation warranties of title, non-infringement, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or system integration capability. No claims other than those specifically set forth herein can be made with respect to the Software, and the Customer shall not base any claims on terms not expressly set forth in the TOS.

4.3.7. Links to websites not owned or controlled by Visma that appear in the Software or associated webpages or documentation are provided for convenience only. Visma is not responsible for such websites.