Level 3: Restricted information

Level 3 is full transparency. At level 3, we set up a meeting between you and a member of our Security Team, product team, Data Protection Manager  and/or Data Protection officer as applicable, and share:

  • The Security- and/ or Privacy Self Assessment of the product in question.

  • Certain related internal documentation, such as our internal Privacy Policy and information from our internal quality management system and similar.

  • Statement of Applicability, full: The full list of all components of our security and privacy programme, including references to specific items in the Security Self Assessment and similar.

  • Other data and information that has been classified by us as Level 3- eligible, depending on the case in question. 


A Non- Disclosure Agreement is required for Level 3, as we are sharing highly restricted and proprietary internal information with you. We may also conduct an open source intelligence background check, particularly if you are not a current customer of us.

Level 3 is intended for certain large customers, or customers under e.g financial authority regulation. Visma reserves the right to charge our standard rates for Level 3 requests, and the right not to grant a Level 3 request, at our sole discretion.

You may request a Level 3 by sending recuest at privacy@visma.com.

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