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2.4 Trial Customer

2.4.1. The Customer is granted a limited, non-exclusive, revocable and terminable right to access and Use the Software for which the Customer registered for a trial account, for a limited time-period, solely for purpose of evaluating the Software’s suitability the Customer’s internal business operations and in accordance with the TOS.
2.4.2. The trial period starts from when the Customer accepts the TOS. The duration of trial periods may vary from Software to Software, and is indicated in the trial registration form.
2.4.3. Any Customer Data processed using the Software during the trial, will be deleted from Visma’s systems after the expiration of the trial period, unless it is stated in the registration form that the Software supports that the data can be transferred to an ordinary customer account if the trial Customer should choose to purchase an ordinary right of use for the Software.
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