Level 2: Non- public product-specific information

Level 2 information can be requested from your local Visma company. This information is confidential and non-public information about the particular products or services you’re interested in, with further details about our security- and privacy framework.

Level 2 information can be:

  • Product Line View: an overview similar to the Service Information page for the particular product or products you are interested in, and including certain key supporting systems, for example a licensing system or delivery platform. (These are subject to the same requirements as the product you will be using.)

  • Data list: all data fields or data attributes that are processed by default in your particular service or services. (Note that this may be version- specific, and that many products are configured to a large extent by you, the customer. Please see: For Customers.

  • Statement of Applicability, simplified: This is a high- level list of all components of our security and privacy framework. For example, it will list key governance- policies and operational procedures, as well as providing more details about the Security- and Privacy Self Assessments.


Level 2 information is suitable for larger customers, who desire or require more information than what is provided publicly here on the Trust Centre.

Please note that it may take some time for us to generate this information for you.