Visma has spesific colours for standard applications of the logo. The corporate colours are based on the *)Pantone Colour Standards.
Futher below you can see what colours to use and how to use them.
The logo must be applied in a way that makes it clearly stand out from the background.
The logo shall never be used in full negative verson where both the symbol and logotype are white.

These are the four corporate colours that can be used in the Visma corporate design.
In addition to these colours, white is a colour of major importance to the profile.
Use white (i.e. space and «air») to emphasise simplicity in the communication strategy of Visma.

The EC denomination of the Pantone number stands for Euro Coated.

Use the colours in structural elements, in surfaces, in a picture or when the lettering is coloured.

Blue (P. 302) is the main supporting colour. The colour balancing chart shows the relative balancing of colours in any given graphical image.
The colours blue (P. 302) and limegreen (P. 381) are mainly to be used as solid colours. They may be used with moderation in tints. Web-designers are adviced to refer to the hexadecimal colours in the colour tint chart.

Pantone 381 is to be used with moderation.

Pantone 1935 is only to be used as a solid colour. This colour is to  be used in main headings. It may also be used as a decorative element, such as a thin line, small bullets, a red apple in a picture, etc.

Pantone 4485 is mainly to be used in tints to add warmth to the profile. The solid brown colour should preferably be used in small amounts.

Examples on colour usage:

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