Adverts for recruiting

Aim for an «airy» feel to ensure the heading, title or occupation is eye-catching.

Aim for a short description of the occupation and refer to our dedicated careersites on the local web i.e

Black and White close-up photo of employees from Visma to give the closeness and warmth of Nordic Cool, and a photo to illustrate our business areas/lines of businesses

Black and white photos versus colour to make contrast and to catch the eye. Proportions: 2:3 and 1:3

Footer and header:
Footer: Corporate company information
Header (if requested): Company information

Fonts should be at least 7pt/10.
Footer and header in 7pt/10. Header may be in bold.

Heading, title or occupation: Red text in Univers Black
Body text, footer and header: Univers Roman
Web link: Univers Bold
Bullets: Red bullets in Univers (2 pt less than text)

1,5 points. If advert size is more than A4: 2 points.

Collections of examples and pictures are located on Marketing area on the Corporate Intranet.