Example: Product brochure, 6-pages og 4-pages product brochures

Layout: 3 coloumns with 5 mm gap, and 10 mm frame
Images on the front page is divided into one colour image and one in black and white. The mix of black and white and close-up photo gives the closeness and warmth of Nordic cool.
The photos illustrate our business area and lines of businesses.

Introduction text, name of the product/concept/service etc: Univers 45 Light Italic 16/27,  Colour Black
Main heading, benefit of the product/concept/service etc: Univers 57 Condensed 21,5/27, Colour PMS 1935, red

Bodytext: Univers 45 Light 8/12

Spread content:
There shall always be five USPs, set up as a bullet list. These USPs should be discussed in further detail within the body text.
Strived to create models rather than large amount of text, to show the concepts. Use preferably Visma colors in models.
For a recognition of all the brochures we strive to use 3 columns in large textamounts.

Last page:
Address Field:
0,5 pkt line, black line divides the address field.
Legal Name: Times New Roman Bold, 8/14
Typography: Times New Roman regular, 8/14
Should be lined up at the bottom with the Visma Master Logo

Examples of spreads and models to the right.

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