PowerPoint template

Use the corporate Visma presentation located on the Visma Intranet as a guideline.
The template is available in 4:3 and 16:9 formats.

• Follow the template as close as possible
• Please avoid to use your own fonts or colors
• When using pictures, please use the pictures you find in Visma Image Gallery. If you use your own pictures, please make
   sure they are in accordance with Visma’s Nordic Cool set of rules
• Use effects (images, objects and text) carefully
• Use simple transition effects and animations instead of spectacular effects
• We have made four different versions of the first foil, ready for you to choose. One version is blank and the three others
   are with pictures. Feel free to use one of them
• Please use the last slide with Visma’s values

Example of different PowerPoint frontpages.


Example of different PowerPoint pages.


The last slide with Visma’s values should always complete your presentation.


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