Editorial guidelines VISMAgazinevismagazine

Main objectives
• Customer loyalty
• Profiling
• Entertain – «coffee table magazine» at the office

The main purpose of VISMAgazine is to strengthen our brand, by clearly communicating our mission and vision. The magazine should pursue the main thoughts in our brand philosophy, as described in Visma Brand Mind Space. In that manner, it ought to be focused on all four brand dimensions: the functional (information about products and services), the social (customer-minded), the mental (contribute to that the readers are doing well) spiritual dimension (take a stand in current issues).
VISMAgazine should not be perceived as advertising, and have no ads.

Target groups

VISMAgazine is a magazine for decision makers
and end users in private and public sector.

• Existing clients
• Prospects
• Partners and vendors
• Opinion formers, trade associations and media
• Potential employees

Desired perception
«VISMAgazine gives me useful information and I look forward to read each issue. It brings on current trends that are relevant to our business practice. Visma gives me tools and competence to perform well.»

Editorial profile
• Thrustworthy and serious
• One step ahead on current themes
• Utility reader value
• A bit for everything, for everyone

Example: VISMAgazine

There is a template to be used for this magazine. Any questions should be directed to Corporate Marketing.

The corporate standard paper is Arctic Volume 130g., while the cover is 200g. This is a non-glossy paper that adds a distinguished and subtle finesse to the profile.

The format of VisMagazine is
width: 240 mm and
height: 330 mm.

.pdf of VisMagazine is located on the Visma internet.

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