Guidelines For Visma Employees

It is important for Visma that all our employees are active in social media, as they are tools that enable employees to gain insight, connect, learn and develop themselves.  Participation is personal, but bear in mind that you always represent Visma and the Visma brand.

The following guidelines are developed to reduce the risk of making mistakes in social media. Please read and remember Visma Code of Conduct when being active in social media.

  1. Always identify yourself as a Visma employee, preferably with your real name and title when discussing Visma or related industry topics in social networks.
  2. Be honest, tell the truth and stick to facts. Clarify any mistakes you make as quickly as possible. Don’t alter older posts without indicating that you have done so.
  3. Never speak badly about others, customers, employees, competitors etc.. Avoid any statement or comment that can harm Visma’s reputation. Think about the consequence for Visma, and yourself, before you publish – there is NO delete button.
  4. Do not post confidential or financial information.
  5. Do not engage with the news media to discuss strategy and/or business without PR consultation or approval.
  6. Avoid words like never. Do not commit Visma to any action unless you have the authority to do so.
  7. Always follow up after entering into a dialog.
  8. Be professional, you are talking to people “face-to-face”. Be personal but not private – do not comment on private issues when discussing Visma.
  9. Avoid engaging in on-line disputes with your audience. If you disagree, respond in professional and respectful manner.
  10. When in doubt or need of consultancy/help, contact Corporate Communications?  In situation of crises the corporate communication department will handle internal and external communication.
  11. Learn the list of subjects we are not commenting on:
    1. Rumour and speculations
    2. Future products/services
    3. Change in strategy before they appear
    4. Changes in organisation before the appear
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