User Administration

Use Search User/Groups and Create User in the left menu on the Admin-tab to administer users in Episerver. In the following I will describe how to add a new user, but you could use the same menu to update information.

Add a new user

Start always with Search User/Group to make sure that you don’t create several users for the same person. Write a unique part of the name in the Name field and see if you get any results.

Choose Create User when you have checked that no previous user has been previously created for this person.

Use mail-address for username and choose a preliminary password for the user. Ask the user to change this password when sending the login information.

Remember to tick off the Active box. When the user doesn’t need access, untick the active box. We prefer to keep the person in Episerver to be able to track changes the user has done. If you delete the user, the changes will be marked with the generic username webred.

Visma use three access levels:

  • Contributor. The user is able to edit, but not publish content. In the groups choose ContributorX (where X is site) for the relevant domain.
  • WebEditor. The user is able to edit and publish. This gives access to a majority of the functionality. In groups choose WebEditor and site.
  • Admin. The user is able to edit and publish. In addition this gives access to the admin tab and makes it possible to do front end coding. In groups choose WebAdmin and site.

If the user is going to work with the Scorecard process, add this to the groups the user is a member of.

Click Save to create the user and send login information, including instructions on how to change the password.

Reset password

If a user have forgotten the password, use this method.

Find the user with Search User/Group. Check first if the account is locked due to more than three attempts to log in. If that is the case, you need to untick the box for this and make it active again and Save before you reset the password.

When you are ready for resetting the password, tick off Change Password and create a new one for the user. Save and send a mail to inform about the new password. Include the username, to make sure that they remember this correctly.