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Naming conventions

When marking content with the business unit, you should use the following code:

  • IN-IC Visma IT & Communication
  • IN-SW Visma Software International
  • DK-SW Visma Software A/S
  • DK_CN Visma Consulting A/S
  • DK_SE Visma Services A/S
  • DK_SW Visma Software A/S
  • DK_EC e-conomic A/S
  • DK_EP Enterprise A/S
  • NO-CL Visma Collectors AS
  • NO-CM Visma Commerce AS
  • NO-CN Visma Consulting AS
  • NO-MA Mamut Norge AS
  • NO-PE Visma Personnel AS
  • NO-RE Visma Retail AS
  • NO-SE Visma Services AS
  • NO-SS Visma SmartSkill AS
  • NO-SW Visma Software AS
  • NO-UN Visma Unique AS
  • SE-SW Visma Software AB
  • SE-SP Visma Spcs AB Visma
  • SE-EP Visma Enterprise AB
  • FI-DU Duetto Oy Visma
  • FI-EP Enterprise Oy Visma
  • FI-PA Passeli Oy Visma
  • FI-SW Software Oy Visma
  • FI-SE Services Oy Visma
  • FI-SO Solutions Oy Visma
  • FI-PU Public Oy Visma
  • NL-SW Software NL Visma
  • LV-EP Enterprise SIA
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