User Access

This procedures describes how to create and remove users from the Episerver CMS.

Creating a new user

  1. Requests to get web editor access are sent to the Corporate Web Manager or one of the national web editors. It should include email address and what sites the editor should have access to.
  2. Username is the full Visma email address or a job email address for external consultants.
  3. A new user should only get WebEditor access. WebAdmin access is limited to experienced editors with understanding of html and scripting.
  4. Send a mail to the user with login page URL, username and preliminary password. Include information about how to update the password.
  5. New editors should get basic training in Episerver before they start to use the system.

Removing users

The national web editors should do regular reviews of the users in Episerver and remove web editors that have quit. This process is manual. In the future we will look into ways to connect to the employee database through Visma Connect.