Event List Block and Event Blocks

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Event List Block and Event Block are a very special type of blocks.

Event Blocks hold information of events, date and time, etc. They do not however contain the event heading. The heading is taken from the page heading where the Event Block is.

Event List Block on the other hand lists all the event information that come under it's scope.

An example of implementation can be seen here:

Event Block and List Blocks

Page named after event holds event information blocks

Let's look closer to "Online regnskap for regnskapsbyråer". There is a page in Episerver that is named "Online regnskap for regnskapsbyråer". This page holds Event Blocks that represent these individual events. When one clicks from the list presented in the picture above - one ends up in this page.

Event Blocks have the event information

The actual individual event information should be put in an Event Block that is on a page that is named after the event (in this case it is the page "Online regnskap for regnskapsbyråer").

online event

We may have also other events under this same heading. Let's say that we have "Online regnskap for regnskapsbyråer" not only on 26th January but also on 11th February and perhaps some other date. Then this same page named "Online regnskap for regnskapsbyråer" should hold as many Event Blocks that hold each individual event information.

Event List Block ... well, lists the events

Event List Block then lists all events that are on Event Blocks on pages that are under the root page that is configured as "Root page" in the Event List Block.

Event List Block

And in a nutshell

  • Make a page that should list the events, let's call it List-page
  • Under this page make pages for each event that you have, let's call these Event-heading-pages
  • In Event-heading-page make Event Blocks for all individual events under this heading, they most probably will have different dates/times
  • On List-page put Event List Block, where you set "Root page" to be List-page.

Warning: At present time set is visible in site in CET

At present (22.1.2016) there is a problem with time if you use these blocks outside CET time zone. The time you set will be visible in the site in CET. It is not recommended to use these blocks outside CET area untill this is fixed.