A/B-testing with blocks

It is easy to A/B-test conversions in blocks in Episerver.

A page should only contain one change at a time. Never test several changes at the same time. This will make it difficult to draw conclusions about the reason for the result from the test.

A/B-tests in Episerver works best for landing pages with a conversion where it is obvious the action we would like the user to do. On a navigation or overview page the best choice depends on the need of the user.

Start with creating and publishing two or three versions of a block you want to test. Name it clearly with the same description and v1 and v2.

Create a new block of the type Self Optimizing Block. Call it test and a description of what you are testing. It is a good idea to make the name as descriptive as possible.

First you should put in the page you would like the user to end up on, like a form, receipt or ‘Thank you’ page. Clicking the the box shows you a list of all content on the site.

Then you drag and drop the 2 – 3 different versions you would like to test.

The self optimizing block should be published the same place that the content would be placed if it had been only block.

Now Episerver will publish each block every other time. Statistics for the test will be published in the box reflecting how well the content is working. A block that is succeeding will be displayed more often than a box with fewer users sent to the goal page.

A/B-testing on product pages

On pages without blocks you have to have Admin access to be able to do A/B-testing on CMO.

Prepare a change you would like to A/B-test. Go to the product page and create the change without publishing it. You are able to test up to two saved version together with the one that you have published.

Go to CMO and A/B-test in the top menu.

Click Add test to set up a new A/B-test.

Fill in the information at the top of the page. Test name and Test owner is information that will help you identify the test.

Start date and end date have to be set. I suggest that you always run a test for at least a week.

The language needs to be set correctly.

Click on the button to choose the page you would like to test in the hierarchy.

When the page is chosen, you will be able to choose one or two unpublished versions of the page to test together with the chosen page.

Conversion page is the page you would like the user to end up on after reading the page you are testing. It is typically a receipt page.

Unless you are testing a really radical change, I recommend always testing with 100 % of visitiors.
You find the result of the test on the tab Reports.