Internal Search

How does internal search work?

SiteSeeker is the search engine that powers search on our websites. Once every hour it indexes all linked pages in our site.Position internal search on Visma sites

The search box is shown at the top right of every page. As soon as a visitor starts to type in it, 10 suggestions become visible, which are refined as more text is typed. The order of those suggestions is based on click behaviour of previous visitors.

After clicking on a suggestion, or after submitting a query by clicking on the magnifying glass, the search results page is shown with search results based on relevance. This is a different order than the search suggestions. Relevance is based on the search query being present in:

  1. titles and headlines,
  2. the first lines of the page text,
  3. the rest of the page text,
  4. the url,
  5. meta-keywords and meta-description,
  6. link texts to the page.

If the search query contains multiple words, then the proximity of these words to each other also determines relevance. The order of the words is also a factor. Pages that have recently been created or changed are shown higher in the search results (source).