Internal search - tips for visitors

  • Use multiple words in your query to refine the search results. E.g. add a product name. You will then search for page where both words are present. 
  • If you want to exclude a word in the search results, then add a minus symbol, e.g. accountview -xbrl (NOT-operator)
  • Use quotation marks to search for exact matches to queries, e.g. "windows 10". If you don’t use quotations, the resulting page have the words on the page but not necessarily very close to each other.
  • The words from the search query will show up highlighted in yellow in the search results.
  • Don’t ignore the text in the description.
  • Limit your search to a particular section of the site by adding an extra operator in the query with part of the url. E.g. url:klanten/supportnotes/* windows checks for the word windows in the folder klanten/supportnotes.
  • More operators:
    intitle:<keyword> - looks for keywords only in page titles
    filetype:pdf - only looks for pdfs (Temporarily not available in SiteSeeker)
  • Change the sorting order of the search results:
    <keyword> sort:title sorts by title (alphabetically).
    Other options: sort:date, sort:reverse:date and more (source)

Nice for editors

  • Check which internal pages link to a specific page with queries like link:klanten/supportnotes/algemeen/sommige-bedragen-zijn-anders-dan-verwacht/
  • Which best guess blocks are there in total? siteseeker:best-bets