Media Library

Files used in web content is in the Media Library. This includes

  • Graphics
  • Documents
  • Javascript-files

Video is streamed through players from YouTube and Vidyard, so that is not a part of the Media Library in Episerver.

You find the Media Library by clicking on the Folder Icon in the upper right corner. Click the pin, so that it is blue, if you want to keep the overview up at all times.

Choose the Media tab.

If you don't get the Media folders to work as expected, check that you are on the Media tab, not the Blocks-tab.

 Demonstrating Media Files Library

There are two main folders, For All Sites and For This Site.

For All Sites

In general we use For All Sites in Visma for media files. This makes the content easily available for everybody, regardless of domain. Sharing files across domains makes it easy to update it once and change it everywhere.

Use Global, the national folder and the folder for your business unit for all graphic files. It is up to each web editor how to organize the folder structure.

More detailed guidelines for naming conventions are forthcoming.

From the December 2015 release you should always add the files to the Media Library before you add the content to the template.

It is easy to use drag-and-drop to add one or more files to the library. Also, use drag-and-drop to move a file from the library to the template.

The folder PageScripts includes files used for front end coding. You need the Admin access to be able to add thise files to templates.

For This Site

For This Site is a folder that automatically mirrors the structure of the web site. I could several hours until a folder is created for a new page. This is an alternative way to add files to the Media Library, but the recommendation is to use For All Sites.