Design on Long Pages

General design checklist

  • You should always start with creating a wireframe of the page to be sure that it works as a whole.
  • The template gives more freedom than other templates, but remember that the Visma Design Guide still applies to pictures, illustrations, color and fonts.
  • Include a lot of air on the page through use of margins and graphics.
  • Use short, inviting and to-the-point headings and text. Long texts don’t work well with columns and the air necessary to get this template to work.
  • The graphics need to convey the message. The page will not communicate well with bland graphics. This goes for all web content, but the long product page this is even more critical.
  • Be careful when using background pictures, that it is following design guideline and makes the text easy to read.
  • It is possible to use tabs, but try to avoid it.
  • Use Headline block (not related links, tabs or custom solutions) when creating internal navigation between pages with a hierarchy on the site.
  • Use Related links if you want to create navigation to areas of the site outside of a hiearchy. 

See this long page design guideline for more details.