Headline Block

Headline block is useful in making menu elements to the pages. 

Links in headline block can point either to the page at hand or then to other pages. If the links point to other pages it is probably wise to have the same headline block in those pages as well.

An example on headline block in use:

headline block

 If you are planning to use the same headline block in several pages, you should not put it "for this page" in Episerver because then you are able to use it only on that page. Instead set it up either in the proper block folder either  "for all sites" or "for this site".

In the headline blocks content tab you can add all the links you want.

You can see from picture below that the first field is the text of the link, the second is the page the link points to, third is the anchor so you can point the link to a specific element / point of the page.

headline block links

If you select "Make headline sticky" it will make headline block sticky when scrolling the page. This has effect only on desktop, not on mobile.

You can put the headline block technically where you want, but if you put it as first element, there is a bug (18.5.2016) that makes space beneath it. You can correct this by making css addition:

.headline-placeholder {height: 0px !important}

If you made the headline block to be common for several pages, put "c" in the beginning of the name, as this is good practice for all common blocks. You can drag and drop the common block to the page content - to the place among other blocks where you want it: