Product Page Template

The product page should

  • Present your offering to the customer (product, service, solution)
  • Include permanent information about your offering.
  • Focus on customer benefits
  • Always include a call-to-action that is tied to the goal of the page

Top banner

The goal of this content is to brand the offering, both within the Visma portfolio and compared to competitors:

  • The graphics should be unique within the site and make it easy to recognize during navigation and have a color that works well with the text (980x171)
  • Product or service name
  • A teaser for the product that stress the uniqueness of the product

The graphics should follow photo brief and graphic guidelines. The area covered by text and CTA should have a background quality that makes it easy to read the text.


All pages should have a call-to-action. The simple obvious solution is to use the green button on the product page. Remember that this button should work for all the tabs that are a part of a product page.

For mobile pages there are a separate CTA-button edited in Episerver. Default information for this button is the contact information in the Footer.

All elements in the right column, button and boxes, could Call-to-actions. One should be the primary conversion that is measured in Webtrends. You could use another Call-to-action with a lower threshold, but be careful to not confuse the user with too many options on each page.