Right Column

Information in the right column will disappear in mobile versions of the page. The information here should not be essential for understanding and using the page.

Contact box. The general rule should be to use a short form on an offering page to collect leads. If more information is needed, it could link to a light box with a form.

Text boxes. The number of boxes will vary, but should never create a right column longer than the content in the tabs. The text and link is edited in Episerver.

Sharing. Buttons for sharing on mail and in social media will be placed at the bottom of the right column. You could turn this on and off in Episerver.

As a general rule, the right column should be the same for all tabs on a product page. This strengthens the impression of this being one page with more depth of information. When using unique boxes for different tabs, be aware that it lists the common boxes first, then the ones that are made for one tab.