Each tab title should be one or two words that describe what the user could expect to find on the page, never a full sentence. A tab title should never link outside of that product page.

The tabs should strive for consistency with other product pages. Similar information should be found under the same tab title on all product pages on a national part of the Visma-site. Non-standard tabs should be placed to the right.

The first tab should focus on customer benefit and lead up to the call-of-action.

The content of a tab is a combination of text, graphics and other media. Please look at the content guidelines for more information about this.

Make sure that the content works well on mobile devices. Note that tables will create problems unless they are programmed to be responsive.

Make sure that content like screencasts and videos are in a format that displays well in our design and on all platforms.

Features in the template:

  • Sub-headers. Reading the sub-headers should give the reader sufficient information to understand the content by scanning the text. Format them as Heading 2.
  • Images. Picture is opened in an expanded form in a light-box. It should be relevant to the text it is illustrating.'
  • Emphasize text. Only use bold, not italics and underline.