Navigation Page 1

Information on navigation page 1 should always:

  • Help potential or existing customer to find the information they are looking for as fast as possible
  • Contain the trigger-words you expect the customer to search for
  • Lead to all the important pages within the covered area

Boxes with graphics (primary)

Each box should include a headline that describes the category of pages, graphics, a short description and links to further pages.

Whenever possible we should use 3 or 6 boxes. It is important that the boxes reflects the hierarchy of the product pages. Avoid linking to tabs on a product page.

Examples of category types are:

  • Product group or families (Accounting, Salary, CRM)
  • Target group (Small, medium, large sized company)

The text should describe the product group or families in the words the customers are using.

Avoid campaign messages here, this area should be used for navigation. Also, avoid categories that mix different types (like Accounting, Salary and Big companies) and only cover a small part of the pages (like three economy systems and nothing about other products).

The mandatory link at the bottom of the box goes to Navigation page 2, a product page or another custom page.

The graphics in the category box have the format 298x116 and should be recognizable when the user clicks to the underlying page.

Boxes without graphics (secondary)

Boxes without graphics are available for navigation pages that need more information. The guidelines for the three primary banners should be used for the secondary banners too. Feel freer to mix in other categories of information in these boxes, but you should still avoid campaign messages.

Article teasers

This part of the page contains information that is newsworthy and relevant for the user. It should not be used for navigation purposes.

Examples of information are:

  • Campaigns
  • Blogs
  • News stories

The dimensions in the graphics are 200 x 150.

Don’t cram too much information in an article teaser. They should point to content, not be a full article.

Please note that article teasers are repeated on all underlying navigation page 2 templates.

Repeating links

Avoid repeating link texts and urls on the same page. This could confuse the navigation for the user and will make it more difficult to track the use of the page in Google Analytics. If you need to link to the same product several times, try to write a text link that makes the context clear and link to a tab instead of the overview.