Start Page

A Start page is built using blocks that are unique to this page:

  • Menu Item block
  • Footer Column block
  • Carousel block
  • RSS block

In addition it is possible to use the same blocks that are used on long product pages. See this chapter for more information on how to use this blocks.

Guidelines for information on the front page.

Information on the front pages should always:

  • Have a clear benefit for a potential or existing customer
  • Relate to Vismas USPs and values: Automation, Integration, Adding value, Competence, Responsibility, Efficiency, Reliability and Innovation.
  • Include a Call-to-action.

When deciding what content to put on the front page, follow the guidelines and give priority to good, fresh content that have business value for Visma. There should be no quota-system based business units or products.

Campaign banner

Content should lead to a landing page with clear call-to-actions, typically for sales or lead-generation. Give priority to content with clear and good conversions funnels.

Pre-requisite information to be considered for a front page banner should be:

  • Graphics (518x235)
  • Headline (Product, service, campaign name)
  • Teaser/text (Customer benefit)
  • Call-to-action
  • Conversion goals that results in sales
  • A landing/campaign page with call-to-action

The graphics is communicating the Visma brand in a very visible space, so it is important that it adheres to guidelines. Note:

  • Photo should follow the Visma photo brief.
  • The subject should be in the right part of the graphic.

Campaign banner is a scarce resource. If several business units want to use it at the same time, take the following into consideration:

  • Business value for Visma. Discuss with Corporate Web Manager and business units if in doubt.
  • Quality of landing page and sales funnel
  • Importance of front page as a channel for conversions
  • Activity in other channels. Front page should reflect external activity.

Campaigns that don’t achieve the desired effect should be tweaked or removed from the front page.

RSS Feed

Time-sensitive activities with links should be presented here. This is a dynamic element on the page that is generated automatically based on RSS-feeds.

Examples of content:

  • Blog-article
  • Press release

Information banners

Box links to a landing page. The focus is less on sales, more on news. It is acceptable to link to evergreen information like VISMAgazine and annual report, but give priority to time sensitive information.

Information banners should not be used for navigation.

Examples of information in this space:

  • Presentation of a new feature from Visma (new product, service, or central functionality)
  • Invitation to a lead-generating activity (like a seminar, webinar, conference)
  • Presentation of a customer reference with an important story to tell
  • Relevant professional message that demonstrates that Visma and our employees is a competent business partner (examples are important developments in technology or accounting)
  • Comment on a newsworthy area within Vismas area of expertise (like new laws about accounting)

We should only use all 3 boxes.

The pre-requisite information for using this space is:

  • Graphics (218x84 or 180x173) without any text
  • Headline
  • Sub-headline
  • Link/Call-to-action
  • Landing/campaign or product/service page