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Install Redirect Gadget

  1. Go to Dashboard
  2. Choose Add Gadget from the cogwheel icon in the upper, right corner of Dashboard.
  3. Install Custom Redirect Manager
  4. Choose Layout and 1 Column from the cogwheel icon in the upper, left corner.

Set up redirect

  1. Write the url you are redirecting from in the old url input field. Pleas note: This url should not be an address in use. The url shouldn't be available on a published or unpublished page.
  2. Write the url you want to redirect to in new url.
  3. Use wildcard with care. Doing this too broadely could create problems.

In addition to using this to avoid 401-pages, it is useful for short urls. You should not use simple urls for this, since it creates duplicat content.

General tips

  • Add the slash ‘/’ at the end of the Visma URLs
  • When using wildcards, add http:// and the domain, and then check if you need the ‘/’ or not.
  • Uppercase characters are converted to lowercase, so don’t bother making 2 or more different redirects to account for character cases.