Routines when creating new pages

Before you publish new pages:

PPC and other marketing

Running marketing campaigns on the old pages (programmatic, AdWords etc.)? Let the agency know in advance if the URLs change.


Does the change effect analytics? If your URLs change, please check with the person responsible for analytics. 


Do you have scripts on the old pages (chat etc.)? Do you need these on the new pages? If so, remember to transfer the scripts.


Plan the redirects:
•    Make a list of the old URLs and to where they should be redirected (new pages).
•    Redirect in the redirect-tool before publishing the new pages (the redirects will not work until the old pages are deleted or you change the URLs).


Publish the pages if they are not already published, but make sure they are “noindex” so search engines do not find them (yet).


Make sure you have written a good title tag and meta description. Check if the page is well optimized on Moz Onpage Grader.


Make sure that pictures are not too large, and that they are optimized for web. No large PNGs and max width for images should be below 1200px. Remember keyword in file name and in alternative text.


  • Test all links and forms on the new pages + spelling
  • Check the page on all devices and in all browsers

If it is a big project, please inform the National Web Editor.

When publishing new pages:

  • Remove noindex on the new pages
  • Change internal links (when you push delete on the old page you will see which pages that are linking to the page)
  • Delete old pages (now the redirects work)

After publishing:

  • Consider setting up a heatmap in Hotjar
  • Check load time, bouncerate, time on page
  • Check rankings in Moz
  • Do improvements