About Visma Ski Classics Sponsorship

Visma Ski Classics is a series of long distance cross-country races with more than 25 pro teams and 50.000 amateur skiers competing in the same races. The concept first launched in 2011.

In the 2018/2019season, Visma Ski Classics includes 12 races.

The ambition behind Visma Ski Classics is to build a professional framework around long distance cross-country where all 11 races are broadcasted live on TV with 20 million viewers in 70 countries.

Activation of sponsorship

  • Visma Ski Classics logo on selected race start bibs (start numbers)

  • Branding on television broadcasting

  • Branding on the Visma Ski Classics website
  • Add in the official Visma Ski Classics magazine

  • Visma will be able to assist employees in buying start numbers

  • All units in Visma have the opportunity to establish their own set of activities linked up to the Visma Ski Classics sponsorship
    • All activities must be approved by the corporate working group according to the following criteria:

      • Is the activity allowed in relation to our agreement with W Sportsmedia?

      • Is the use of the logo and the Visma Ski Classics brand in relation to our agreement with W Sportsmedia?

      • Are there any other Visma units that have planned a similar activity?

  • In addition to this, we arrange events like Visma Ski Classics 4 Kids and Camp Visma on several races 

Visma Ski Classics logo


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