Activation group

Anne-Grethe Thomle Karlsen
Sponsorship Manager/Project Manager incl. communication, clothing/giveaways, logo approval, visma.xx/vismaskiclassics
+47 920 920 70

Aase Settevik
Director of Brand and Communication
+47 92 04 95 59

Benedicte Friis Braathen
HR and Project Ylläs-Levi
+47 45 50 61 42

Niclas Nassländer
Sweden and Visma Ski Classics 4kids in Sweden
+46 10 14 12 76

Christofer Björkvall
PR Sweden
+46 722 39 74 60

Milla Ikonen
Finland and Camp Ylläs-Levi
+358 40 578 5984 

Sanna Burton
PR and SoMe Finland
+358 50 32 25 222

Dikken Christine Holm
Contact person Norway
+47 45 24 32 46

Hege Alvestad Lorck
Partner event Marcialonga
+47 99 53 70 86

Silje Viggen Opsahl
+47 942 521 65 

Want to join a race?

For most of the Visma Ski Classics races we are able to assist you in buying a start number and finding accommodation.

Send an email to and we will do our best to help you.

Tax regulations, Visma Ski Classics

This information applies to the Norwegian and Swedish Visma-companies only.

Read more (in Norwegian for Norwegian companies)
Read more (in Swedish for Swedish companies)
Read more (in Finnish for Finnish companies)


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