Project Ylläs-Levi 2018


Se hvordan det gikk da deltakerne i Prosjekt Ylläs-Levi deltok på sin første skitrening

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NameBenedikte Friis

Position: Service Manager

Experience with skiing: I have limited experience with cross country skiing. I was introduced to it several years ago, and since then, I have enjoyed it once a year, for Easter. After I moved to Norway last year, I purchased my own pair of skies, which I am still trying to master.  

Why did I apply: Visma Ski Classics has intrigued me since I started at Visma - February this year - and I have thought about applying since my first day. I am amazed by the enthusiasm behind the sponsorship and the empowerment of a #VismaActive lifestyle.

I believe that Project Ylläs-Levi offers a unique opportunity to learn cross country skiing in an inspiring and professional environment, while challenge myself both mentally and physically, in a 67 km long race. Something, I believe, I would never master without being part of this project - and this is why I applied.

My expectations: I expect to have a lot of fun but the race to be challenging, hard, and unlike everything else I have ever done before. No matter how the race will turn out, I expect to get the experience of a lifetime, to get to know inspiring people, and to hopefully, look like a Norwegian in the slopes by April ;).

Name: Robin Laumb

Position: Service Manager

Experience with skiing: I loathed cross country skiing when I was a kid. Lucky for me, my kids love skiing, so I have been promoting skiing to them. As a result, I have been out on a few shorter ski trips to hone my skills (whenever I am lucky enough to have them), even by myself!

Why did I apply: "Why not?" was my first thought. I have really missed out on some great opportunities because I have been to lazy to challenge myself. I didn't want to miss this one too!

My expectations: I hope I will be able to finish the whole track without to much complaining and regret while I'm doing it. I sincerely hope for the added motivation to get me up and out more often then in and down (into the nice, warm, cozy sofa...) and that I will continue to take the experiences with me. If I can do this, I can do anything!