Project Ylläs-Levi 2019


Se hvordan det gikk da deltakerne i Prosjekt Ylläs-Levi deltok på sin første skitrening

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Nicola Svabø

Service Owner for Visma Help Centre (previously Support Panel)

Experience with skiing:
Until recently I have lived on a beach in Sydney - so zero

Why did I apply:
I love Australia, my home, but I have promised my Norwegian husband I will do everything in my power to fall in love with Norway in the next few years and going all in with Winter sports will hopefully help me learn to love the cold.

My expectations:
Am I putting too much pressure on the trainer if I say win the race? But I will settle for finishing in one piece also

Always push the button, the worst that could happen is - nothing

Mikael Joakimsen

Position: Consultant at Visma Comenius, Visma Software Labs AS

Experience with skiing:
I don’t have a lot of experience with skiing. At least not without an orange, “Kvikk Lunsj” and “Solo” in my backpack. Last winter however was a bit more productive with 5-6 times out in the tracks. At least I own a pair of cross-country skis, which I received as a Christmas gift about ten years ago.

Why did I apply:
First of all, I love cross country skiing, at least on the television. Unfortunately, I grew up in a part of Northern Norway without significant amounts of snow (Vesterålen, where I’m from has a coastal climate). As a result of this, my techniques and experience isn't like expected from a Norwegian.

This, I believe, could be changed dramatically with a project like this, and with some professional help. This rare opportunity was really too good to not give it a chance.

My expectations:
I do expect to develop my skiing techniques to become more like a pro, in addition to improving my strength and stamina. Now I can finally become the stereotype Norwegian who spends every single spare moment out in the forest skiing, yelling “LØYPE” to anyone who’s unfortunate enough to get in my way.

And it goes without saying, I’m excited to meet a lot of new and top motivated colleagues which is a huge bonus. Looking forward to this lifetime experience!

“Say yes - then learn how to do it later!”. That’s exactly what I’m going to do.

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