Project Ylläs-Levi 2017



NameJonna Holmberg

CompanyVisma Commerce


Experience with skiing: Went skiing almost every year as a child - but last time as an “grown-up” was 5-6 years ago.

Why did I apply: Trying something different, and for the mental and physical challenge!

My expectations3 months of new ways of working out and (hopefully) improving my skiing-skills, and for the 8th april - may the force be with me!

NameJoakim Granat

CompanyVisma EssCom AB

PositionFinancial controller

Experience with skiing: I used to compete in skiing as a child and teenager so hopefully part of the technique and balance is still there even though I've not skied more than 2-3 times in the past 10 years.

Why did I apply: I've never taken part in one of the Visma Ski Classics races so far and even though I have some previous experience in skiing, getting back into the physical shape required  to participate always felt like a pretty tough project to take on. To be able to participate this way feels very motivating and much less like something I do all on my own. Hence, it feels as if I ever want to complete a long skiing race, there will not be a better opportunity along the way.

My expectations: To win of course! Apart from that, I'm looking forward to the entire experience. To be professionally coached, to see how I can improve my technique after all these years of not skiing and of course to properly get back into shape. I also hope that this will give me a different skiing experience than those I previously have and that I will be able to keep skiing after the race as well.