Project Ylläs-Levi 2017


Se hvordan det gikk da deltakerne i Prosjekt Ylläs-Levi deltok på sin første skitrening

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NameVictoria Nærø Ernstsen

CompanyVisma Collectors AS

Position: Consultant

Experience with skiing: It has been 15 years since I did cross country skiing. So I think we can conclude this with almost none! I have however, been running downhill these 15 years instead, but I don't think we can compare those two, hah!

Why did I apply: After I moved to Oslo I found out that cross country is a really popular activity to do here. So I wanted to take up my non-existing skills and buy myself some skis for Christmas. When I saw this project I thought that this is my chance to actually learn how to do this. So it was kind of an impulse decision when I applied. I love to challenge myself and thought that this could be a perfect opportunity to do just that. So why not start all of this by complete a 55KM race!  

My expectations: I expect this to be really hard and challenging, but also fun and with a lot of new experience which I’m really looking forward to attain. I now have a New Year resolution and a goal for the first part of 2017 - which I’m super excited about!

Name: Petter Hoxmark

Company: Visma Unique AS

Position: Consulting Manager

Experience with skiing: Have been skiing 3-4 times per season the past three years and less before that.

Why did I apply: Because I love a good challenge! I have also wanted  to take part of the Ski Classics for a couple of years without really signing up, so I thought this project could give me that final push to just do it.

My expectations: To become a better skier, getting in better shape and have a lot of fun with great colleagues