#VismaActive - Fight the couch and Netflix this Winter

Winter is here, and we all know how easy it is to just lay on the couch right after work until bedtime right? Well, Visma will like to encourage you to fight the couch and Netflix and get up and out.

But how?

Use the hashtag #VismaActive on instagram to show your activities already from today. Are you a passionate skier, do you like hiking or walk your dog or do you take the stairs rather than the escalator? No activity is too little for you to share and inspire your colleagues to get up and out.

The reward?

Not only will you get energised from the activity but you will also be able to win prizes! Every week starting from the 3rd of December until the 1st of March, a Visma jury will select the best photo, and award the photographer with a Visma Ski Classics item. In March, we will select a main winner, among all weekly winners, to receive an entire Visma Ski Classics suit. Two people will also win a Visma Ski Classic ski bag.

All winning photos will be published on this internal site.

Winter is coming - so get out and be #VismaActive!

PS. To be able to attend the competition, you have to set your Instagram account to an open profile.

PSS: Taxation benefits of the value of the prizes follows the tax rules for competitions that applies for each country.

Display all winners

See the Instagram feed here:


More #VismaActive images on Instagram
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