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Eloqua Partner


ID BBN is our new Eloqua partner and will be able to assist all business units with Eloqua. Their team already have experience in working with a handful of business units who have been pleased with their services so far.
ID BBN is an international award winning agency based in Finland (Helsinki and Turku) and has extensive experience with helping companies get the most out of marketing automation and Eloqua. 

Read more about ID BBN and their team of marketing automation experts that will work with Visma.

Practical Information 

Support - Oracle vs ID BBN

Oracle: All business units still have access to free Eloqua support with Oracle and it's recommended that you use this for specific technical/functionality issues. Follow these instructions to register for Oracle Support if you do not have access yet. 

ID BBN: For strategic support (e.g. campaign planning and implementation) and how to get more out of Eloqua, please contact ID BBN (see contact details below). You can use ID BBN for small tasks as well as big projects as their team have both the creative and technical expertise needed to succeed with marketing automation and Eloqua. If you prefer, you can also use ID BBN for technical/functionality support and will be charged according to the hourly rates mentioned in the pricing section below.

In case your Business Unit would like to use ID BBN for technical support inquiries, please contact Jussi Soro. ID BBN will set up a ZenDesk ticket system for your Business unit. The ticketing system enables you to channel tasks automatically to the correct person, which decreases the time spent on directing support request emails.


Business Units will pay per project as agreed with ID BBN (there are no prepaid vouchers). ID BBN will charge per hour and business units will have to approve a project order with price estimate (quote) based on number of hours before a project is started (read more about this in the agreement summary mentioned above). 

You’ll find the price list with hourly rates here.

Contact Information

Do you have a specific project you need help with or want to contact ID BBN to discuss how they can help your business unit? Contact Jussi Soro, Project Manager, on email or telephone +358 40 868 1174.

If you have any questions about this you can contact corporate marketing team on