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What does Subscription Management mean?

Subscription Management is where our contacts subscribe to the marketing information they want to receive from Visma, also known as “email groups” in Eloqua. Until now each business unit have had their own Subscription Management setup, but due to the new EU privacy law all business units will need to have a common setup.


How is the new subscription areas (email groups) selected for each country?  

Corporate Marketing made a list of suggestion to new email groups based on the Visma blog categories in each country. When choosing the blog categories there has been a selection process involving the business units in each country. The new email groups were then presented in the National Marketing Group (NMG) in each country. Each business unit then has the option to discuss the email groups internally and give their input. The new email groups must be approved by the National Marketing Group (NMG) in each country.


Does this mean that business units can't have their own subscription areas (email groups) anymore?

Yes, each business unit can no longer have their separate subscription area/email group setup. Due to the new EU Privacy Law we are required to have one place where customers and prospects can access and manage their preferences. We are also required to be able to give all stored data on each contact if requested to do so.


What happens if a contact unsubscribes from a subscription area/email group where two business units share the contact within that specific email group?

The new email group setup is shared across business units so if two business units share a contact within the same email group and that contact unsubscribes from an email from the first business unit, then it will also be unsubscribed from the other business unit. This is required from our company in order to have one place where contacts can manage all their Visma preferences (as required in the new EU law). This of course demands better segmentation and relevant content in each business unit in order to avoid this. It also makes it easier for business units to cooperate and do cross sales campaigns within each of the email groups.

What about sign-up forms for events or contact forms where the contact doesn’t necessarily want to receive marketing communication?

When it comes to event sign-up or contact form then you can choose to have the check box for receiving marketing communication as optional, if they accept then you subscribe them to the relevant email group based on which form they filled out. If they don’t accept then you are not allowed to send them marketing communication unless they have accepted in a previous form. When contacts download content then you can automatically subscribe them (through processing steps in Eloqua) to the relevant content. They only need to see the subscription management page if they click on the footer link in an email.

NB. The consent check box for data storage and profiling must be a required field in all forms as it must be accepted in order for us to store form data.