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How to collect consent

Your business unit can start updating web forms (EPiServer and Eloqua) to collect consent today and we do recommend that you subscribe contacts to the new relevant subscription groups (email groups) at the same time. If the new subscription groups are not yet defined in your country you can consider starting with updating forms for consent now and then add the subscription groups once these are ready. 

All existing and new Visma contacts (customers and prospects) will need to give an active consent (check box in web form) by May 2018.

There are several ways to collect consent from contacts:

  • Web forms

    • All active web forms on your websites will need to be updated to include check boxes for active opt-in for the Visma Privacy Statement. All web forms will also need to be integrated with Eloqua. After 1st of September 2017 it will no longer be possible to save form data in EpiServer. See our guide one how to update EpiServer and Eloqua forms

  • Sign-in page - Online products and services

    • The most efficient way to collect consent is by including a check box on the sign-in page of your online products and services. Your customer will then have to approve the Visma Privacy Statement in order to log in. We therefore urge you to make sure that your product manager has this as a high priority. Our Corporate Marketing project group will also work to push for Visma Software International to prioritize this, but the responsibility for implementing it lies within each business unit.

  • Sign-in page - Visma Community

    • If your business unit has a customer community then you should also make sure that a check box for Visma Privacy Statement is included on the login page. Make sure that your Community Manager is aware of the urgency of having this implemented.

  • Email campaigns

    • Your business unit should consider running email campaigns in order to collect the consent from the contacts who are not using online products or your customer community. You should also run email campaigns in order to reach “inactive”customers that haven’t logged into your online product/service or your customer community in a while.

  • Telemarketing campaigns

    • Telemarketing campaigns can also be used, but this requires the telemarketer to send the contact an email with a link where the contact gives an active opt-in (checks a box in a web form). This should be a secondary option for those contacts who have not responded to any of the other measures listed above.

The above action steps require high priority in each business unit in 2017 in order to become compliant to the new EU privacy law. Corporate Marketing is currently working together with our Eloqua Partner, ID BBN, to produces templates, guides and best practices that will assist your business unit with implementing these action steps.