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Webinar Tool

ReadyTalk’s full-featured webinar solution integrates directly with Oracle Eloqua marketing automation platform. ReadyTalk is selected as a preferred webinar solution for Visma Instance as this is the only integration that works with the current solution design. 

ReadyTalk features: 

  • Audio Conferencing Options (Toll free Audio, Broadcast Audio, International Audio, Operator Assisted Audio)
  • VOIP (two way computer based audio solution)
  • Up to 3000 participants
  • No downloads for participants
  • Recording & Replays (One click meeting recording, recording editing tools)
  • Participant engagement (Video clip playback, polling, Chat, Annotation tools)
  • Easy Screen sharing (Desktop sharing, Application sharing, Power Point & PDF sharing, multiple monitors)
  • Reporting to excel with overview over participants and non-participants
  • Eloqua automatically sends data to ReadyTalk when a prospect indicates they will attend. 

How is ReadyTalk's Eloqua Integration different? 

  • Automatically populate email and form templates with meeting details
  • Include ICS files with a unique “join meeting” link for each registrant in reminder and confirmation emails 
  • Instantly record poll and survey data in Eloqua to drive follow-up activities
  • Include a unique recording link in follow-up emails or in a standalone on-demand program
  • Captures contact data on Custom Data Objects, each BU can have its own webinar CDO
  • Access to comprehensive documentation and expert support 


ReadyTalk Pricing Agreement for Visma
ReadyTalk International Toll and Toll Free Rates

ReadyTalk Contact Information for Visma

Chelsea Chludzinski - Enterprise Account Executive
Direct phone: +1 303-209-1680

User Guide and Whitepapers  

ReadyTalk for Eloqua overview
ReadyTalk for Oracle Eloqua User Guide
ReadyTalk Network Security Whitepaper

Demo of ReadyTalk

Video recording of ReadyTalk demo and Eloqua Integration

Mockup of ReadyTalk campaign in Eloqua

Are you planning to purchase ReadyTalk and integrate with Eloqua, contact Alexandra Davydova for help with your eloqua campaign with ReadyTalk. 

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