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Better together through APIs

How technology empowers people depends on how it is being applied, and that is why we are now launching a new portal focused exclusively on APIs. We want you to take part in creating a dynamic network of products interacting with each other—to deliver meaningful and easy to use solutions that improve lives.

Better together with APIs
Better together with APIs

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Since the beginning, our mission of using technology to create better societies has remained unchanged. How we’ve achieved this mission has, however, varied through the years. 

In our beginnings in the 1990s, one of the main challenges facing software vendors was transitioning from text-based to Windows software packages that used the full power of the graphical user interface. 

During the following years and up until today, we got the Internet, mobile and tablet devices, cloud computing, and machine learning—all similarly presenting themselves with their unique opportunities and challenges. 

What piece of technology will have the most impact in the coming years, remains to be seen. Regardless, we can confidently say that software usage will increase in nearly every industry and situation, continuing to transform the way people work, in one industry after the other.

However, there are limits to how much transformation an individual piece of software can do when applied to real-world problems. No software product can solve all problems on its own. Therefore, multiple software products need to be able to talk to each other, making what the whole can do greater than what the sum of the individual parts can achieve. 

The way we create communication lines between software is through application programming interfaces (APIs): By adding an API to a product, other software has a way of communicating with it. Unsurprisingly, having high-quality, documented APIs has rapidly become an expectation rather than a nice-to-have in the software industry.

At Visma, our products have already had APIs for a long time, but we’re now making them first-class citizens across the board. An important step in this journey—which we have now completed—is to launch a portal focused exclusively on APIs

Here, our customers, partners, and developers can go to find information about the APIs we have available and start using them rapidly. This journey will now continue, and many more APIs will be added in the coming months. 

Interested in taking a look at our new portal? Click here to get started browsing

Want to contribute to making lives better with technology? 

What do we want to achieve with this portal? We hope that our software, through APIs, can be used as a piece of the solution to a problem you think could be solved in a better way than today. 

Even though we would love to see revolutionary ideas come up that use our APIs, what you do with any API doesn’t have to be revolutionary to be important. It simply has to make life—either that of someone using the software or affected by it in another way—a little bit better. 

Now, if we come up with tens of thousands of ideas to make the world a little bit better by connecting different pieces of software together, we’ll all of a sudden have made a lot of lives better—in fact, we will have created a better society. 

That’s what we love doing at Visma, and through APIs, we’re eager for you to join us in doing so. As our motto at Visma goes: we’re better together. Let’s get started!

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