Sustainability at Visma

As a leading software provider, we have the opportunity and responsibility to leave the world better than we found it.

Through various actions, we are driving change towards more sustainable business practices in all of our operations and value chains.


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Guided by the SDGs

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide us with a framework for action. They help us prioritise what we should work on, and help simplify how we keep track of our progress.

People are at the heart

Sustainability is ultimately about people.

We want to help people directly, through time-saving software, investments in local communities, respect for human rights, and a healthy environment.

Similarly, anything we do for the environment should have people’s wellbeing in focus.

We work for positive impact



Technology for society

Software that solves people’s most basic challenges is one of the key ways we make a difference. We try to improve people’s everyday lives through mission-critical software, supported by a user-centred focus and top data security and privacy.

Learn about our technology for society


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For our employees

How have we built a company ranked among the top in Europe for inclusiveness1? By making sure everyone feels accepted and has the space to speak their mind.

See how we support our employees



Community investments

When it comes to impact, cooperation is key. We cooperate with organisations working on various social causes to provide people with opportunities they would not otherwise have.

View our community investments


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In our operations

We do everything we can to create efficiencies for our customers through our solutions. We try to do the same in our operations.

Learn about sustainability in our operations

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Policies for sustainability

Our policies give us structure, laying out the principles we follow every time we act.

They help us uphold our commitment to always act legally, ethically and sustainably towards our customers, partners, and other stakeholders.

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