Financial management solutions

Streamline your finances

Step away from dull and repetitive administrative tasks and dedicate more time to analysing opportunities, predicting change, and developing the business.

As part of the complete Enterprise Suite, our financial management solutions empower you with tools to seize control of operations and fully automate financial processes.


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Our financial management solutions

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Accounting and finance

Automate complex and repetitive processes with intuitive solutions developed for local market needs. Seamlessly handle accounting, budgeting, invoice handling and taxes.

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Supply chain management

Gain better control of your entire value chain. Get real-time insight into sales data, display goods entering in and out of the warehouse, and get notified when orders are ready for shipment.

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Project accounting

Effortlessly handle various projects at the same time from start to finish. Manage employee costs on projects combined with task management, and easily keep track of cost changes with budget tracking for hours and services.

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Create and manage tenders, and seize control of all company purchases with efficient and easy-to-use solutions. Reduce costs and save time with our pooled procurement of pre-negotiated agreements and employee benefit programs.

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Financial planning

Create efficient, collaborative, and valuable financial plans for your business by combining budgeting, planning and forecasting with financial and workforce transactions and analytics.

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Business intelligence

Business intelligence is an essential component of fact-based decision making. Collect, analyse and apply information to gain a better understanding of customer behaviour and the market.

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