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Visma has several core security programmes.

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Learn about what it is, why it's important, and the most common threats and vulnerabilities.

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Schrems II verdict and Cloud Act

Have questions regarding Visma’s use of cloud vendors from the U.S. in light of the Schrems II verdict and Cloud Act, and what this means for your data?

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Latest on security and privacy from our blog

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What is fake news and why has fake news become such a large industry? We dig deeper into the different types of fake news and how it can be used to interfere in elections, economies, and geopolitical conflicts.

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What are data backups and why are they important?

Losing critical data can be devastating for a company. How can you make sure that your organisation’s data is secure, how should you set a solid backup strategy, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of storing your data on cloud servers versus on-premise servers?


What is ethical hacking?

Not all hackers are bad—in fact, ethical hackers can help companies strengthen their security measures. But how does bug bounty programs and responsible disclosure programs work, and what does the process of ethical hacking look like?