HRM and payroll solutions

Invest in your people

The success of your organisation depends on the competence, engagement and happiness of your people. Cultivate the human potential within your organisation with flexible and scalable solutions designed to support the entire HR lifecycle.

As part of the complete Enterprise Suite, our HRM solutions empower you with tools to seamlessly employ, manage, engage and develop your workforce.


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Our HRM and payroll solutions

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HR administration

Create a cost-efficient employee experience by digitalising the employee lifecycle. At every step, from onboarding to exit, we provide tools for collaboration, approval flows and digital document handling.

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Let our innovative payroll solutions improve your daily work with the functionalities you need to ensure your employees are paid in a timely, correct and compliant fashion. Employees can easily register vacation, absence, travel and hours directly from any device.

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Build your talent pool, and find the right candidates through a predictable and collaborative recruitment process. Let your hiring managers easily screen and select the best matching candidates, while at the same time provide an engaging candidate experience.

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Talent management

Motivated employees are essential to cultivating a company culture driven by innovation and change. Nurture the skills and increase the performance of your workforce through engaging learning and reward systems.

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Workforce management

Engaged workers are key to successful workforce management. Improve employee productivity by automating complex and time-consuming processes related to workforce planning, financial management, and control of time and resources.

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