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  • Digital experience trends to act on in 2022

    What digital trends affect the CX landscape this year, and how can you act on them? Adobe has mapped out the current trends within customer experience, marketing – and everything in between – based on insights from 10 000 marketers, consultants and practitioners around the world.

  • A man gets splashed by his dog shaking off water while in a field.

    How Visma invests in sustainability

    Everyone has a role in protecting the planet. People can tap into their changemaking power, not just in their own lives, but by bringing people together and teaming up. Visma understands that it’s groups that effect the most change, but it starts with the individual. Read on to find out how Visma encourages change at both levels to invest in the future of our planet.

  • Two colleagues sit in a cheery office and speak with a third person, not visible.

    Working with AI is working with people

    In-house AI product development has become feasible for most software companies due to developments within available talent, scalable infrastructure and increased data quality. But how ready are software companies on the one hand, and customers on the other, to deliver and consume AI products, respectively?

  • A mechanic works on a bicycle in the sunlight in front of the Team Jumbo-Visma bus.

    How Visma supports the unsung heroes of cycling

    The world of top cycling is rapidly evolving. In the chaos of a race, it’s the mechanics who are the anchors, ensuring the riders can perform their best. As title sponsor of Team Jumbo-Visma, how can Visma use its business expertise to make sure the team has the most talented mechanics?

  • Meet our tech talents: Lars Holtar & Ioana Piroska

    In this newest interview with our tech talents, we talked to some of our security experts: Lars Holtar, who works as Security Manager, and Ioana Piroska, who works as Security Engineer. Find out what their typical workday in Visma looks like and what advice they would give others looking for a tech career.

  • A person's hand zooming in on a financial application on an iPad.

    The importance of ethics in Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and advanced analytics are among the most promising solutions for businesses and society. AI can solve many of society’s sustainability and efficiency challenges, but what are the ethical implications of using such technologies, and what is Visma doing to ensure they are implemented with people in mind?

  • Footprints in a forest landscape

    Meet Sustion: A carbon footprint calculator for businesses

    Lowering the carbon emissions in a company starts with calculating the carbon footprint and reduction goals, which can be challenging. Together with CarbonLink, we are developing a carbon footprint calculator to help companies make useful decisions on the path towards carbon neutrality.

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  • What is financial cybercrime and how to prevent it?

    What is financial cybercrime and how to prevent it?

    Financial cybercrime can affect companies of all sizes and in all sectors – as well as private individuals – and can have dramatic consequences. But what are the types of attacks motivated by financial gains and how can we prevent these attacks from succeeding?

  • Man in a brown singlet sitting on a table outside looking at his laptop

    What is fake news?

    What is fake news and why has fake news become such a large industry? We dig deeper into the different types of fake news and how it can be used to interfere in elections, economies, and geopolitical conflicts.