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  • General Manager in team jUmbo-Visma and rider Anna Henderson

    [Podcast]: Equality and inclusion in professional cycling

    Pro cycling is a male-dominated sport. Why is it so, and how can we get more women into cycling? We met with the General Manager of Team Jumbo-Visma and one of the riders in the new women’s team of Team Jumbo-Visma to talk about diversity and inclusion within cycling.

  • Illustration of a design sprint process

    Tools for remote design sprint facilitation

    As a UX Studio at Visma, we spent last year running remotely all the activities that traditionally require whole team onsite participation such as design sprints, usability testings and problem framing workshops. Here are some of the tools we have used with success.

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    What is Data Protection Day?

    Did you know that the right to privacy in the digital world is a human right? Still, many people lack knowledge about how their personal data is being collected, used, and shared. That is the focus of the Data Protection Day that takes place on January 28th.

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    Password tips: How to create a strong password

    Running a good password cracking machine is both time-consuming and expensive, and for this reason, cyber criminals will always look for the path of least resistance. That is why you need to know how to create strong passwords, how to use a password manager, and learn how two-factor authentication (2FA) works.

  • Tax

    Three important skills of a Management Trainee

    The three most important skills identified by Management Trainees are the ability to take initiative, having good analytical skills as well as good social skills. In this article, they share their thoughts and experiences about these abilities.

  • How the Visma way of working benefits you as a customer

    How the Visma way of working benefits you as a customer

    How do we in Visma ensure that we deliver cloud software that is secure, reliable, performant, and responsive to the needs that you as a customer have? In this article, we’ll show how our way of working, and the technology we use, is aligned with those goals.

  • Can a robot be sustainable?

    Can a robot be sustainable?

    By making a robot or digital assistant do the most repetitive and boring tasks, companies can focus on more meaningful and value-adding work – benefiting both business and society. So, can the effect of a robot also support companies in being more sustainable?

  • What is financial cybercrime and how to prevent it?

    What is financial cybercrime and how to prevent it?

    Financial cybercrime can affect companies of all sizes and in all sectors – as well as private individuals – and can have dramatic consequences. But what are the types of attacks motivated by financial gains and how can we prevent these attacks from succeeding?

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