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  • Breaking free from the boxes of conventional thinking

    Sjoerd Hendriks channels his creativity as a UX designer at Visma Circle, working to make sure that their software is accessible to all. Passionate about diversity and inclusion, he discusses his personal journey, the importance of inclusive design, and what celebrating Pride really means.

  • Voice of Visma, Ep 07: The untold stories of Visma with Øystein Moan

    What did Visma look like in its early days? Are there any decisions our former CEO would have made differently? Today, Øystein, our former CEO and current Executive Chairman, joins Johan to reflect on the pivotal moments, the mistakes-turned-lessons, and the surprising stories that have shaped Visma into what it is today.

  • 7 essential cybersecurity tips for summer travel

    As you prepare to jet off on your summer holidays, safeguarding your digital world is just as important as making sure you’ve packed all your essentials. Cyber threats, unfortunately, don’t take a break, so these tips can help you protect your personal data and enjoy a worry-free summer.

  • Ida Algotsson

    Openness for a happier workplace

    Meet Ida Algotsson, our talented Digital Marketing Specialist who basically runs a one-person Swedish marketing department at Plandisc. In between copywriting and campaign planning, she’s passionate about diversity and inclusion, raising awareness, and creating a safe space for everyone to be open about their true identities.

  • Hesam Pakbeen

    Celebrating what makes us unique

    With over two decades of experience from industrial to digital design, Hesam Pakbeen shares his inspiring journey and personal insights on inclusive leadership, celebrating our differences, and making a real impact on equality in the workplace and beyond.

  • 6 icons symbolising building emissions, cycling, data centre emissions, lighting, heating & cooling, and diversity & inclusion.

    High internal engagement at Visma Sustainability Month

    Visma’s 2023 Sustainability Report unveiled areas for improvement, particularly within office emissions and travel. Building on the learnings from the report, we held Visma Sustainability Month, a four-week series of internal articles and activities covering Visma’s most relevant sustainability topics. Read on to find out what topics are most important to Visma and how we’re addressing them.

  • Pride

    Celebrate Pride with Visma

    We’re dedicated to working with diversity and inclusion year-round, but Pride month is an extra special time for celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community, reflecting on our support, and reaffirming our commitment. Discover how we celebrate Pride month and foster an inclusive workplace.