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    Embracing the circular economy at Visma Megaflex

    Fifty million metric tonnes of electronics enter the global waste stream every year. While the vast majority of Visma’s products are digital rather than physical, Visma Megaflex has a physical product and is working to make it as sustainable as possible. Find out the six things Megaflex is doing to reduce e-waste from its Greenbox product, and how this is better for the environment, customers, and bottom line.

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    Password tips: How to create a strong password

    Running a good password cracking machine is both time-consuming and expensive, and for this reason, cyber criminals will always look for the path of least resistance. That is why you need to know how to create strong passwords, how to use a password manager, and learn how two-factor authentication (2FA) works.

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    What is fake news?

    What is fake news and why has fake news become such a large industry? We dig deeper into the different types of fake news and how it can be used to interfere in elections, economies, and geopolitical conflicts.

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    Visma’s contribution to European Cyber Security Month

    We are taking part in the European Cybersecurity Month (ECSM) for the fourth year in a row. Read more about the European Union’s annual campaign dedicated to promoting cybersecurity among EU citizens and organisations, and why we are participating.

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    Machine learning of Smartscan part 2: Transformers

    The recently released Smartscan Premium by our Visma Machine Learning Assets team sets a new standard for automated document information extraction. In this blog post series the team explains the transformer architecture of the model that sits at the core of this vastly improved product.

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    User-satisfaction and prejudice

    It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a single user in possession of a computer, must be in want of a good experience. However a good UX often goes beyond just being acceptable, so what does it take?

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    Saluting our Testers across Visma

    Identifying software bugs and revealing hidden assumptions is no easy task, which is why having skilled Testers is critical for any technology company. With today being International Tester’s Day, we talked to several of our own Testers to find out what they do, how they tackle problems, and how they “debug” themselves after a long day.

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    The future of the digital workplace

    Over the last one and a half years, people across the world have been forced to work from home. This has naturally accelerated the development of the digital workplace. But what does the future digital workplace look like, and what are the challenges?

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    Highlighting causes we care about on International Charity Day

    Today is International Charity Day, an occasion to celebrate the hard work of charities around the world to improve people’s lives. What are the most pressing global issues we should be addressing? Read on to find out the causes most important to our employees, and the charities we believe are best positioned to work on them.

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    Machine learning of Smartscan Part 1: Bert awakens

    Our Visma Machine Learning Assets team recently launched Smartscan Premium. In this blog series, they will take you behind the scenes to look at the machine learning and research that the Smartscan technology is built upon and what challenges the technology is solving.

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    Cloud security: Frequently asked questions

    How secure are cloud solutions? What initiatives are cloud providers taking to make sure the data on their servers are secure? And what are the most important cloud security challenges today? We have asked one of the security experts at Visma, Stian Estil, to answer these questions.

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    What is an IT Security Policy?

    Every organisation—from startups to large, global corporations and nonprofits—must make sure that they have procedures to keep up with an ever-changing landscape of threats and vulnerabilities to keep its assets secure. But what is an IT Security Policy, and how do you enforce them?

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    Turning the UEFA Euro into math

    The Finnish company Weoptit, a company in Visma, has turned the UEFA Euro tournament into math and simulations. Based on a model originally built by their analysts prior to the World Cup 2006, they have played out the tournament 1,000 000 times to find out what results each team can expect from this summer’s football festival.