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Happy International Accounting Day

Today is International Accounting Day and a great opportunity to honour all accountants who have dedicated their careers to helping others.

International accounting day

November 10th is International Accounting Day. A day to reflect on what it means to be an accountant and a great opportunity to celebrate all accountants.

It is in honour of Italian mathematician Luca Pacioli, who published the first book about double-entry bookkeeping on November 10th 1494, that International Accounting Day started.

Each year on November 10th, we pay tribute to the work of Luca Pacioli, “The Father of Modern Accounting.” We also honour all those who have chosen the profession of accounting. A profession that was traditionally dedicated to helping businesses and individuals balance the books and keep their tax affairs in order. However, the modern accountant must do much more than reconciliations and tax calculations. Clients now expect their accountant to help them achieve their goals.

Visma Spcs recently interviewed 358 entrepreneurs to find out about the status of their collaboration with their accountant. The 2017 survey findings prove that accountants are more sought after than ever.

Happy international accounting day

Key findings from the survey

80% of entrepreneurs, want to talk more about the present and the future with their accountant

– Visma Spcs, 2017 survey findings

Technology is changing the accounting industry

Technology has created a shift in the industry. Software is now eliminating the mundane parts of accounting and bookkeeping and simplifying the complex processes once entrenched in the profession. This shift won’t please all accountants, but for those who embrace change, there will be exciting opportunities.

Cloud-based software is already transforming the types of services accountants can offer their clients. Instead of simply crunching numbers, they can now provide valuable consulting services and growth advice. They can help drive strategy for the businesses and individuals they are advising.

7 of 10 entrepreneurs want more frequent updates from their accountants on matters such as liquidity, loan, budget, ratio and prognosis

– Visma Spcs, 2017 survey findings

With change comes opportunity

With real-time insight, the focus of accounting is shifting from what happened last month to what’s happening next month. This also transforms the role of the accountant to someone who is a forward planner and consultant.

7 of 10 entrepreneurs are interested in closer and more frequent contact with their accountant

– Visma Spcs, 2017 survey findings

This shift of focus means that firms of all sizes must determine how to keep up with the new expectations now placed on them by clients, employees and regulators.

Technology is the driving force behind this shift in the accounting industry. It is redefining the role of the accountant. Those who choose to embrace change can enjoy a more diverse role as mentor, educator and trusted advisor for their clients. Thus focusing more on the essence of the accounting profession, helping others.  

Congratulations on International Accounting Day

We in Visma believe that these technology-driven changes will enrich the accounting profession and diversify the role of the accountant. We hope you are ready to embrace these exciting new opportunities.

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