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Meet our marketing talents: Henny & Libaan

We talked to marketing experts Henny Hasselknippe Dahl-Hansen and Libaan Youssef about working in a big community of marketing professionals. Here are their takes on how their roles have evolved, and going from idea to execution with colleagues spread across the world.

Libaan and Henny

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Meet Henny, our Digital Marketing Manager

Over the course of the past five years, Henny has worked with marketing tech and software in the B2B market. She has become an experienced strategist and loves challenging the basic principles of marketing. 

Ever since she joined Visma after her graduation, her position has changed quite a lot. Today, Henny gathers insights from how our target audience portrays our products and what they engage with. Based on that information, she provides a strategy for personalising our communication. Along with her team, they each take responsibility for different stages of the marketing funnel. Henny’s area of responsibility covers getting potential customers’ attention in an initial phase, before they’ve even considered our products. She speaks fondly of her teammates:

“I wouldn’t have stayed for so long if it wasn’t for my awesome colleagues and that I enjoy going to work every day. Some of my colleagues have become very close friends. We have a good culture for having fun, both at work and outside of work.”

Henny Hasselknippe Dahl-Hansen, Digital Marketing Manager at Visma Software

Henny also praises the marketing community she’s a part of. After all, she has over 13000 colleagues spread across Europe and Latin America. With a bunch of different companies doing different things in different locations, keeping up with all of them can be challenging. Like so many of her peers, she participates in common meetings and platforms in which knowledge and experiences are shared. 

Henny says; “Although we work in different markets and towards different segments, I can still take notes on how others work with for example campaigns or data-driven marketing. Our field of study is always evolving, so we have to be on top of new trends, tools and ways of working with marketing.”

Henny describes the possibility of taking on new challenges by switching teams or companies as a luxury. She states that she’s never felt the need to completely change workplaces in order to develop her skills, get more responsibility or try out new things.

“Over the years my position has changed a lot, with new tasks and responsibilities. I have great leaders who see me and give me the chance to develop and the responsibility to shape my own role. So, even though I’ve been in the company for five years, I get to experience something new every day.”

Henny Hasselknippe Dahl-Hansen, Digital Marketing Manager at Visma Software

Meet Libaan, our Marketing Automation Specialist

As someone who dreaded phone calls, but loved working in sales, Libaan was searching for the perfect middle ground. Today, he works with automating marketing processes, tailoring his own sales processes. He praises the environment of his workplace for boosting his development. 

“The company’s developing all the time, so it’s a short way from idea to execution. Let’s say I stumble upon a new trend. I’ll talk to my colleague Sebastian, and I’ll be like ‘hey, let’s try this out’. We coordinate with these and those people and boom, we’re ready to execute.”

Libaan Youssef, Marketing Automation Specialist at Visma

One thing Libaan has experienced first-hand is the importance of remaining top of mind in the busy world we live in. As opposed to more bureaucratic work environments, Libaan appreciates how quickly he’s able to assemble the targets that potential customers are looking for at that exact time – whether they’re ‘cold customers’ in the initial stage of the marketing funnel, or warmer customers that are familiar with the product from before. 

Rather than his ideas having to be approved by multiple hierarchical levels, he can go directly to the top management and ask for their opinion if he wishes to. As he says; “There’s a lot of knowledge sharing across countries and companies. It’s like a safety net. Everyone can have a say in everything if they want to.” And yet, he doesn’t find his workplace to be rigid. He describes it as a warm atmosphere and not just a workplace where you come in, do what you have to and leave. 

Libaan appreciates the focus on engaging with people, both during and outside of work hours, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. 

“There’s a lot of freedom here. Of course, there are deadlines, but it’s up to you how you meet them. An example is Ramadan, where I’m fasting for 30 days. I know that sometimes my energy level can change, especially at the beginning of Ramadan. I have to structure my work so it fits my energy levels. I have the freedom to structure that as I want, as long as I’m hitting deadlines and reaching my targets. I’m not only ‘Libaan, the marketing automation specialist’ – I have a life outside of work as well.”

Libaan Youssef, Marketing Automation Specialist at Visma

Explore working with Marketing & Brand at Visma

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