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Say hello to our new automatic colleague

The era of automation is here and artificial intelligence (AI) can be found all around us. In Visma we have many ongoing projects related to this, also in Visma’s internal IT-department qith a new automatic ticket dispatch service. Read more

Automatic ticket dispatch service
Automatic ticket dispatch service

The era of automation is here and artificial intelligence (AI) can be found all around us. In Visma we have many ongoing projects related to this, and now we also bring AI to Visma’s internal IT-department with a new automatic ticket dispatch service.

While Hollywood and the media often like to compare artificial intelligence to human intelligence, we are a long way from that becoming a reality. Today, AI is best for simple, well-defined tasks with large amounts of data available. In Visma we try to automate such tasks, and recently the IT-department has launched a new internal automation service in Visma, which makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Handling support tickets efficiently

The new service replaces a manual process for dispatching support tickets sent by email to the internal support desk. The task is simple: in order for incoming emails to be handled by the correct team, they must be assigned to the correct queue based on their contents. The initial goal is for the dispatcher to handle 80 percent of incoming emails automatically with 95 percent accuracy.

Learning from previous experience

The dispatcher works by training a model on all previously dispatched emails. Based on this model, the dispatcher can tell where new tickets should be sent with a certain confidence. If the confidence is high enough, the ticket is dispatched. Else, the ticket is sent to a human expert for manual dispatching. If one of the automatically dispatched tickets ends up in the wrong queue, it will be tagged by the receiving team as wrongly dispatched. This allows the dispatcher to learn from mistakes and improve over time.

Working 24/7

An automated ticket dispatching system has many advantages. The system can dispatch new emails within a few milliseconds, and work 24/7 all year round. The support team no longer have to manually dispatch every email, but can focus their attention on other tasks such as supporting our customers, training the model and investigating faulty dispatches.

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