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How our new app motivates and makes skiing fun for kids

Several children are replacing screen-time indoors with cross-country skiing in the woods. How? By using our new and motivating app – Visma Ski Classics 4Kids.

Visma Ski Classics for Kids ski app mascot

Our children’s ski race has become a yearly tradition as part of the activation of our Visma Ski Classics sponsorship. Over the years, Visma Ski Classics 4Kids has gathered thousands of children across Finland, Norway and Sweden and made them feel like professional skiers for a day.

Helping kids stay active

This winter, we had to think a little differently. With no organised sports and social activities, many young people are spending their time indoors. So we decided to develop an app that not only puts children’s health and wellbeing in the front seat; it also offers motivating tasks and prizes to make skiing even more fun and enjoyable.

Our motivation behind the app is to inspire children and youth to spend more time outdoors and to make skiing fun. This way, we hope to contribute to their general health and wellbeing. The app is developed for Norwegian users with an emphasis on user-friendliness and security.

How it works

After downloading the app, you can register your child’s ski trips – adding the location and the distance they have completed – every time you go skiing. You can also add a visual element by uploading photos from each trip. Throughout the season, your child is able to follow their own progress, view photos of themselves and use the app to search for and follow their friends.

The first 750 children to download and use the app receive their very own Visma Ski Classics hat in the post. And to not make an exception from previous years; we promise everyone a real medal at the end of the season.

You also have the opportunity to download fun diplomas stating the full distance your children have skied during the season. Special diplomas for Christmas, Easter and Winter holidays are also available in custom design.

What the kids think

Nine-year-old Nikoline Hjørnevik started using the app this winter. She enjoys how it adds an extra dimension to the usual ski trips.

Nikoline is an eager skier and enjoys skiing at the family cabin in Våmartveit. This winter the weather has been nice and cold also in the lower districts of Norway, so Nikoline has been out skiing weekly in the local ski tracks. 

“It’s fun to see how far I’ve skied in total and to look back at the different trips we’ve been on together,” says Nikoline. “I also have friends who use the app, and it is great to be able to follow them and keep track of my little sister, who also uses it.”

Nikoline (9 years old) out skiing

“It’s fun to see how far I’ve skied in total and to look back at the different trips we’ve been on together.” 

– Nikoline (9)

Nikoline is also excited about what awaits at the end of the season. “I’m really looking forward to getting my diploma and medal,” she says.

Five-year-old Amelia Ashton Opsahl enjoys both cross-country and downhill skiing at her local ski resort in Lillomarka. This winter, she has been looking especially forward to cross-country skiing. Every trip is documented and a photo uploaded in the app.

“It’s fun to see photos of myself skiing in the app. And I’m really excited to get my medal,” says Amelia. 

Amelia (5 years old) out skiing

I’m really excited to get my medal.” 

– Amelia (5)

One of the more experienced skiers using the app is twelve-year-old Olav Lindheim. He is also an active biathlete. Olav goes skiing three to four times a week and says the app has made it extra motivating to go out. 

“It‘s great to have a full overview of how far I’ve skied, and the app helps me keep track of that,” says Olav.

Olav (12 years old) out skiing

For Amelia, Nikoline and Olav, there are still plenty of ski trips left to add to their accomplishments this winter. And judging by their response, the app will continue its success in the years to come. 

Want to try the app? Download it here (in Norwegian).

Download the ski app for kids

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